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Humidifier Use Of Small Skills
Dec 21, 2017

1, in the humidifier water tank in accordance with the proportion of 1:20 into the plate blue root granule, Houttuynia injection or Antiviral Oral-Liquid, can effectively prevent influenza.

2, adding a few drops of vinegar to the humidifier can play a role in sterilizing.

3, the humidifier add a few drops of toilet water, can relieve nasal congestion in children.

4. The dripping of lavender essential oil in the humidifier can improve the quality of sleep.

5, the living room humidification can make wood furniture do not deform, just brush the wall face does not crack.

6, add 3, 4 drops of lemon essential oil in the water tank, which can regulate the skin of women and can be whitening.

7, adding light brine in the water tank can relieve the pain of larynx and chronic pharyngitis.

8. Opening a humidifier when cutting onions can avoid tears.

9, the computer next to the humidifier, can remove static electricity.

10. In the process of humidification, a few goldfish are kept in the water tank to beautify the living room.

Note: the use of ultrasonic humidifier is best to use pure water to prevent two times of pollution from the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. When humidifier is used, it must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the mold and other microbes in the humidifier will enter the air with vapor and enter the human respiratory tract, so it is easy to suffer from humidifier pneumonia. In addition, the humidity of the air is not higher. The humidity that the human body feels comfortable is about 50% in winter. If the air humidity is too high, people will feel chest tightness and difficulty in breathing, so humidification should be moderate.