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Industry Brand Pattern Of Dehumidifier
May 02, 2018

Industry brand pattern of dehumidifier

In the dehumidifier industry, there is no real scale brand and enterprise. In 2010, the number of enterprises with more than 100 million yuan of sales income is few, and the sales revenue of most enterprises is under 20 million yuan, and the brand pattern is only a prototype. There are two main reasons for this situation: first, the smaller market demand has affected the development of the industry. The market capacity of the dehumidifier is less than 2 billion yuan, and the domestic market is very small. In the absence of market demand, the attention of the enterprises to this product is not enough. The dehumidifier can only be a subsidiary small product, and the professional dehumidifier enterprises have not enough strength to promote it.

Two is a variety of dehumidifier products, the application field is complex, causing disorderly sales channels, at the same time, the demand of each product is relatively small, which also causes great difficulties in the promotion and sales of enterprises.

Judging from the short term development trend of dehumidifiers, this situation will remain for a long time. Although the demand for the domestic market has been growing rapidly in the last two years, the absolute quantity of market demand is still limited. It is difficult to allow many powerful brands to intervene, and the leading brands can not be formed naturally. But after all, as a segmental market, the market and profit space of the dehumidifier industry still exist objectively, so it will attract new brands to enter continuously.