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Installing A Basement Dehumidifier
Sep 19, 2018

Installing A Basement Dehumidifier
A basement dehumidifier is probably not high on your list of things you want for Christmas, but it should be high on your                                                                                              Basement dehumidifier

list of home appliances that you need. By keeping the moisture levels low you will be able to enjoy your basement, rather than it being a source of agony for you. Without a way to control the moisture it will be difficult for you to store things there or to want to even spend time there. Excessive moisture can cause mold and mildew growth and if left unattended would ruin things that were in this part of your house.

If you are choosing a refrigerant style basement dehumidifier make sure that the area it will be used in will be above 70 degrees when you need dehumidification to occur. If it is not at or above 70 when the humidity is high then the refrigerant style unit will not work efficiently and may not be able to accomplish what you want it to. If this is going to be a problem then you can always go with a desiccant style unit. These units do not take the water out in the form of a liquid and so they are not susceptible to freezing like a refrigerant unit with coils would be. A desiccant unit will need to vented to the outside though. The moisture laden air will have to be ducted to the outside through a window or something more permanent like a dryer vent. These style units can also be very energy efficient.

So when you are looking for a basement dehumidifier make sure to explore all your options to see which unit will work the best for you before purchasing.