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Is It Necessary To Use A Humidifier In Dry Winter? How Should A Humidifier Be Selected
Apr 22, 2018

Is it necessary to use a humidifier in dry winter? How should a humidifier be selected?

Yes! First, the family. I used a water tank 3L humidifier in the heating room in the northeast. When the humidifying force reached the maximum, the water tank did not need to be empty all day. It's useless to lose more 3L water in the air every day. Later, it was found that the white mist and the surrounding water accumulated, and the room temperature would be 1-2 degrees lower than the next door, and it would be replaced by second direct evaporation. It works like the following (because the humidifier is not around so there is no way to put a real picture), although there are no signs of work at all, but the indicator of the hygrometer swings up.

Anyway, there are differences between the two humidifiers, but the effect of humidification must be there. Before using a humidifier, it is uncomfortable to get up in the throat every morning and sometimes even cough phlegm with blood, but this problem has never occurred again. As for the company, the most important advantage is that the right humidity environment will make people feel relaxed. The company often opens the air conditioning, and the whole room is closed, the air quality of itself is problematic. Therefore, the purification function of the humidifier is more demanding. On the other hand, the office desktop space is limited, so it is also necessary to be light and occupy small space. The most basic and most basic criteria are the same for families and companies. 1. appropriate humidification, suitable for humidification area. All humidifiers will have a rated humidification amount, that is, the milliliter number of atomized water per hour, and it will also indicate its suitable humidifying area. For example, 200ml/h humidifier is generally suitable for room 25-30. Occasionally, I will see some brands indicating that the rated humidification amount is 300ml/h. The applicable scope is 50. 2. no white powder is produced by an inferior ultrasonic humidifier. The calcium and magnesium in the water may be broken into particles and fly directly into the air, and a layer of white powder will be laid on the furniture and the ground. Such humidifiers will cause air pollution two times. 3. generally speaking, 30-40dB is a relatively quiet normal environment, suitable for rest. The noise in the working environment can be slightly larger than this, but it should not exceed 55dB. The noise of the humidifier should also be in this range. It seems that some of the humidifiers mentioned in the answer must be out of line with the above criteria. First, the white mist brushes out, it is easy to water on the desktop around the machine, the file wet is not good; two is after a period of time will be "white", or plug the machine, or on the desktop. If it is at home, the area of humidification is certainly not enough. -- go to bed first, and then write what kind of humidifier to follow tomorrow. The outline is listed below: 1. the company uses the recommended direct evaporation with smaller wetting area, the purification function must be in place, and the other additional functions need not be too much. 2. the family's emphasis on comfort and adequate budget can strongly recommend intelligent control humidification and warm fog. The elasticity of household product selection is relatively large, and it is the best way to suit your needs. 3. products are not directly related to the principle of humidification, ultrasonic or direct evaporation will be a good product 4. to use the attentions of the humidifier - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - - --- to continue. 1. first say the company. The reasons for the direct evaporation are as follows: first, it is a humidifier that outputs pure air. The fan inhaled the indoor dry air and made it through the moist evaporating core, and the water molecules entered the room with the air again, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. At the same time, some of the dust and bacteria in the outside air are left on the filter core and humidified at the same time, the purpose of purification is achieved. Humidifier on the table, very close to the people, if the use of poor purification products, inhalation of many particles. Secondly, because the output air is pure, there is no white mist dispersing. There will not be too heavy moisture and uneven humidity around the humidifier. And the office is so weird.

On the brand, it recommends the basic elements of Aaron electric, which can be applied to the smallest area. Aaron electric concentrate on making direct evaporative humidifier. The technology is relatively mature, and the price is cheap, the price performance ratio is still very high. 2. home household flexibility, because to adapt to the situation of their own family, so to buy a point of purchase suggestion ~Step 1 matching room area Step 2 choice can intelligent adjustment of humidifying style if the budget is sufficient, it is suggested to choose the style that can adjust the humidification quantity intelligently. Human body sensation is not affected by temperature or humidity alone, but is the result of the combined action of the two. That is to say, the best relative humidity is different under different temperatures. Too low, dry and too high, all kinds of bacteria and parasites will grow. Generally speaking, when the relative humidity is at 40-50%, the body feels the most comfortable. A good humidifier can automatically adjust the humidification until the ideal humidity you set. The top humidifier can detect the state of the environment and automatically get a suitable relative humidity. This humidifier will be more economical to use. ~Step 3 warm fog function strongly recommends the design with warm fog function. It's very, very comfortable in winter. The brand must be recommended by BONECO (brisk, the original Air-o-swiss Swiss wind), which is mainly done by the ultrasonic wave (using a silver bar to do the sterilization and purifying the air through a fan to make the air circulate in a wide range).