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Is It Really Necessary To Buy A Dehumidifier? Do You Know The Difference Between The Dehumidifier And The Air Conditioner?
Apr 20, 2018

Now, as people's living standards continue, the demand for quality of life has become more and more high, especially in the spring and summer season when the humidity is large, many families have bought dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity, because the air conditioning itself also has dehumidification function, so many people have this view, that is dehumidification. When you use air conditioners, there is no need to buy a dehumidifier. It is wasted to buy it again, but in fact it is not.

1. There is a fundamental difference in controllability of relative humidity.

The air dehumidifier can control the target humidity, while the air conditioner has no controllable relative humidity.

A, air dehumidifier is set relative humidity target value, and after operation (such as the appropriate relative humidity of the human body is 55%-65%, set value is 60%), when the indoor relative humidity reaches the target value (60%), it will stop automatically and no longer dehumidification, and the temperature of the air conditioning room is higher than the dew point temperature of the current indoor air. Continuous dehumidification, sometimes, the more dry indoor, it is still "not interesting" to continue to dehumidification, which is often felt that the "air-conditioned room" is dry and difficult.

The B and the air conditioner with dehumidification function can not really reach the special terrain and landform areas such as the coastal area, the southern provinces, and the Sichuan plate in the summer high wet load environment, and the relative humidity in summer is as high as 90% (such as the "yellow Mei Tian" in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China). Under such high air relative humidity, the main component of the core power unit of the air conditioner is mainly the heat load, and the wet load is "on the way". The dehumidification effect of air conditioning failed to meet the requirements of humidity and humidity in production and life in summer.

Two. In the process of dehumidification, there are different treatments for air temperature.

The working process of the A, air dehumidifier is that the temperature of the surface cooler is below the current dew point temperature of the air, and the damp and hot air brought by the fan is exchanged with the cooler, and the water vapor is condensed on the surface of the surface of the cooler's fin, and the remaining air (relative dry air) is followed by the air in the air dehumidifier. The condenser is then compensated for by temperature and discharged into the indoor or air duct. In this way, the air in the air dehumidifier under the action of the air dehumidification, indoor air relative humidity gradually reduced, until you set the relative humidity value. After dehumidification, the air temperature of the air dehumidifier does not drop, but it rises slightly.

In the process of refrigeration of B and air conditioner, if the temperature of the surface cooler is lower than the dew point temperature of the cooling air, the humidity will decrease after the evaporator of the air conditioner, the humidity is in a supersaturated state, the superfluous steam is precipitated in the form of condensate and condenses on the fin of the evaporator. It is "condensation" precipitation (the surface condenser and condenser of the common air conditioner are separately arranged indoors and outdoors). The refrigeration of air conditioners is based on the principle of heat pump, which draws the indoor temperature to the outside and the indoor temperature drops.

So it is necessary to buy a dehumidifier. After all, it is different from the air conditioner.