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It Is Essential To Live In A Dehumidifier In These Houses
Apr 14, 2018

First page: the flat house is close to the ground, and the tide is easy to enter.

At present, there are many brands and functions of dehumidifiers sold on the market, so they can be dazzled, so how to choose them? In fact, it can be considered from the aspects of suitability, such as the size of the dehumidifier, the dehumidification, the way of drainage, and so on, and the following types of dehumidifiers suitable for the living environment are introduced.

One, the flat house is next to the ground, the tide is easy to enter.

The flat house generally refers to a house with only one floor. In the city of Beijing (the old city within the two ring road), all of them are called "four courtyard houses", all of them are grey tiles, the old style is mostly brick and tile structure, the newly built brick and wood structure is generally distributed in Dongcheng District and Xicheng District, and a small amount is distributed in the surrounding areas of Beijing. With the passage of time, many houses have been changed beyond recognition, and a large proportion of them live in bungalows.

A narrow passageway in a flat.

When we talk about the cottage in Beijing, we all think of "quadrangle courtyard", but now there are few houses in the courtyard, most of which are "mixed courtyards". This kind of bungalow is mostly east-west, the outside of the room is narrow, the sunshine time is very short in the room; the crowded house makes most rooms have only one side with window, air can not flow; the flat house is close to the ground, the tide is easy to enter the house, this kind of reason will cause the flat house wet, it is very suitable for purchase one. Dehumidifier.

What do you want to pay attention to the dehumidification machine that is suitable for the flat room?

1) the area of dehumidification is not too large, and 5-20 square meters can be used.

2) diurnal dehumidification is not too large, 6-12L/D.

3) noise should be small and suitable for sleeping at night. (night time standard is 30 to 40 minutes).

4) with universal castors and handle, it is convenient to move in small rooms.

5) choose the upper outlet, which can adjust the angle to facilitate "dry clothes".

Dehumidifier water tank size can not be a major consideration, the small room of water is not too large, wash down well. The small volume of the water tank will also be smaller, and the drainage capacity is large enough to use the external drain pipe. This kind of dehumidifier is also suitable for people who rent a single room and move conveniently.

The daily dehumidification of the OJ-161E dehumidifier is 9 litres per day. It is suitable for the house with 5-20 square meters of area. The noise of the machine is only 36 decibels. It does not affect sleep and can be used at night. The machine is equipped with flip cover, dust-proof protection, outlet and ash fall, centralized air outlet and continuous dehumidification mode can quickly dry clothes. The hidden handle is designed to cooperate with the universal casters to move to all rooms conveniently. High quality rubber material will not damage the floor even on the floor.