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Knowledge Of Using 20 Pint Dehumidifier Factory Dryer: 1. Definition Of Air Humidity
May 06, 2018

Knowledge of using 20 pint dehumidifier factory dryer:

1. Definition of air humidity

Temperature: the physical quantity that indicates the dry and wet degree of air is called "humidity". Commonly used methods of humidity are "relative humidity" and "absolute humidity".

Absolute humidity: the weight of wet air containing water vapor in 1m3 volume is known as "absolute humidity".

Relative humidity: the ratio of the amount of water contained in wet air to the maximum amount of water vapor at the same temperature is called "relative humidity".

2. What is the pressure dew point?

When compressed air is compressed, the density of water vapor increases and the temperature rises. When the compressed air is cooled, the relative humidity increases, and when the temperature continues to fall to 100% of the relative humidity, the water droplets are precipitated from the compressed air, and the temperature is the pressure dew point temperature of the compressed air.