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Maintenance Of Household Dehumidifier
Mar 18, 2018

1, correctly regulate the humidity of the dehumidifier. When users adjust the humidity of the dehumidifier, they should set humidity according to their own humidity, the number of people in the space, the size of the space and so on. In the condition of less activity such as rest and sleep, the relative humidity of the room is around 60%RH, and the human body will feel more comfortable. The humidity setting is too low, except that it will make people feel dry. Due to the large difference in humidity between indoor and outdoor, the moisture expansion is faster, which results in frequent start-up and shutdown of compressor, shortening the service life of dehumidifier and consuming more energy.

2, regularly clean the dehumidifier: regularly remove the filter mesh of dehumidifier for cleaning, which can effectively improve the dedusting effect of dehumidifier and improve the quality of ambient air. The heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency can be improved effectively and the efficiency of the dehumidifier is improved.

3, let the professionals to check regularly: Dehumidifier dehumidifier after long-term use, the electrical wiring inside the unit and control elements will have different degrees of aging, will cause serious damage to the unit and the human body, make regular professional circuit on the dehumidifier for inspection, replacement of aging components of refrigerant. To prevent the aging of components harmful to human body and machine, and can make the dehumidifier keep in good working condition.

4, the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, should do the protective measures in winter or to such a dehumidifier is not used for a long time, application of protective cover of dehumidifier, avoid the sun and rain, dust deposition, resulting in days after cleaning and maintenance difficulties