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Maintenance Skills Of Dehumidifier
Apr 07, 2018

Maintenance skills of dehumidifier

Rainy season is easy to cause humid. This humidity and temperature are most likely to breed bacteria. People are more likely to get sick. Therefore, the use of industrial dehumidifier dehumidification at this time can relieve the discomfort caused by excessive humidity, so many people like to dehumidification with industrial dehumidifiers at this time. So what's noteworthy in the process of using industrial dehumidifier? How should the industrial dehumidifier be maintained?

(1) pay attention to the internal hygiene of the industrial dehumidifier when using the industrial dehumidifier everyday. Because the dry air is coming out of the fuselage, such as the internal dehumidifier of the industrial dehumidifier, the human body is also susceptible to infection. Gas cleaning network should be cleaned weekly, condenser should be kept clean, and water content should be promptly removed.

(2) when cleaning the industrial dehumidifier, wipe it gently with wet cloth. No other detergent is needed. Internal cleaning is also best not to put detergent, so as not to affect the internal parts.

(3) the best temperature range of industrial dehumidifier is from 15 to 40 degrees. Therefore, industrial dehumidifiers should be avoided at high or low temperature.

(4) when using the industrial dehumidifier, we must pay attention to not tilting or transverse.

(5) industrial dehumidifier should not be overused, because if the humidity of indoor air is below 30%, the body will also feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that industrial dehumidifier control humidity should be in the range of 50% to 60%.