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Meiyu Season How To Prevent Wet Weather
Mar 03, 2018

"Meiyu season" how to prevent wet weather!!!

Moisture-proof and dehumidification small sign

1. Closed doors and windows

In the rainy season, we must close doors and windows, such as doors and windows open, wet air easily through doors and windows into the room, making indoor humidity increase. In particular, every morning and evening, doors and windows must be tightly closed, especially if doors and windows are not close to the South and Southeast. Water vapor will penetrate into every corner of the house. If doors and windows are closed tightly, indoor air is not allowed to circulate, it is recommended that you open windows and ventilation at a short time at noon.

2. Press the newspaper

It is also a good moisture-proof practice to make newspapers on the ground and on the table. Laying old newspaper on the floor, especially on the doorway and other places where it is easy to wet, should lay two more floors, which has good moisture proof effect on the indoor area. The door that opens the wardrobe for a long time can be ventilated and mildew, but there are more dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the wardrobe, even put a newspaper on the inside of the cupboard. Newspapers can absorb moisture to prevent mildew, and the smell of ink in the newspaper can also drive insects.

3, dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidification box or we are certainly useful, there are a lot of the supermarket, bought the desiccant can be placed in every corner and wet places at home, can effectively absorb moisture, but should pay attention to regular and timely replacement of the desiccant dehumidification, can play a good effect.

4, dehumidifier products (recommended)

There are a lot of dehumidification equipment sold in the market, such as the humidifier, and so on, and the dehumidification equipment in the room will also have good dehumidification effect. Mei Yuji's Gospel of science and technology.

5, point candle

A candle can keep the water vapor from condensing, which reduces the humidity in the room. If there is a musty smell in the house, candles containing natural plant fragrance oil can be selected. Such candles can make the air dry and remove the mould smell in the room.

6, lime moisture absorption

The bathroom is a relatively large area of moisture. Especially in the rainy season, the humidity will be even bigger. It can be wrapped in quicklime with cloth bags to absorb moisture in these two places. Washing powder bag can also be poked a few holes, use washing powder to absorb the tide, and can be used again, economical and practical. Bamboo charcoal dehumidification can be used repeatedly, but it has to be used more, less effect is not good.

7. The method of food preservation

Drying, low temperature and ventilation are the three great magic weapons against the mildew of food. The most economical way is to use dry lime to absorb the tide. Many puffed food in the bag of desiccant, antioxidant, can also be placed in food, play a mildew proof effect. Like ham and salted products, it is easy to produce aflatoxin when it is hot and humid. It can be dipped in a little vegetable oil with cotton swabs and evenly spread on the food surface.

8, soap, dry tea residue to moldy taste

Wood furniture is very easy to be mouldy in the rainy season. At this time, you can place a piece of soap in a moldy place, or the dried tea residue, which helps to remove the taste of the mold. When the day is clear, remember to open the door of the wardrobe.

9. Improve the temperature of the room

Burning a basin of charcoal fire or putting on a stove to increase indoor temperature and make water vapor unable to coagulate, so as to reduce indoor humidity, but we must pay attention to ventilation and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. When using this method, remember that someone should pay attention to it and pay attention to safety.

10. Move the plant to the outside

Plants are very easy to absorb water vapor, so when Meiyu weather arrives, water should be reduced to plants and plants are moved to the outside as much as possible.