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National Performance Standards For Humidifiers
Mar 27, 2018

National performance standards for humidifiers

One is the amount of humidification. This is the most important parameter of humidifier. Some enterprises cater to consumers' psychological pursuit of large wetting volume. The maximum amount of humidification is randomly marked. Therefore, the standard strictly stipulates that the humidifying quantity should not be lower than the nominal value of the rated humidification amount of the product.

The two is the efficiency of humidification. The ratio between the humidifier's actual humidification and input power reflects the amount of humidification produced by unit power consumption, and it is an important index to evaluate the performance of humidifier. In order to guide consumers to buy energy saving and environmental protection products and promote the development of more efficient products, the standard is divided into four grades of A, B, C and D.

The three is noise. Considering that the humidifier may be used in the bedroom, if the noise is too large, it will have a certain impact on consumers, so the standard strictly limits the noise indicators.

The four is the service life of the evaporator. For the direct evaporative humidifier, the evaporation core is the most important part of the performance. With the continuous use of humidifiers, the efficiency of the evaporative core (device) will continue to decrease, and the amount of humidification will decrease. The standard stipulates that when the humidifier of the humidifier is reduced to 50% of the initial humidification, it is considered to be an invalidation of the evaporation core. The service life of the replaceable evaporative core should not be less than 1000 hours.

The five is for many with a humidifier softened water, humidity display and other auxiliary functions, in order to prevent some of the products do not have this feature, or this function can not play the corresponding effect, and by means of false propaganda to mislead the consumer, the standard of these auxiliary functions are also put forward specific requirements: for water softener, standard the provisions of the water softener to soften, water hardness should not exceed 100mg/L. The softened water should not be less than 100L before the water softener fails. For humidity display, the relative humidity should be within 30% ~ 70%, and the humidity should be within the range of + 10%. In addition, the standard also stipulates that the humidifier should have the function of water level protection because the water level will have a significant influence on the performance of some humidifiers, so that consumers can not keep the humidifier in a low performance and low efficiency state for a long time without knowing it.