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Proper Use Of Humidifier In Household
Apr 02, 2018

Living in the reinforced concrete city forest, we need air-conditioning to create a comfortable environment, but one of the problems that comes with air drying, so the air-conditioning has a good partner-humidifier. The market of the humidifier dazzling, but same, is essentially a room to increase the humidity of household appliances.

Humidifier can give the designated room Humidification, can also be connected with the boiler or central air-conditioning system to the whole building humidification.

But the humidifier is a double-edged sword, the use of bad will affect health.

The impact of air humidity on human health, on the one hand, through the impact of human body heat balance, on the other hand, by affecting the growth of indoor microorganisms, which indirectly affect human health.
Indoor humidity is too low or too high will affect people's comfort, humidity is also for indoor environment of bacteria and other microorganisms in the growth and reproduction provides a good environment, resulting in indoor microbial pollution intensified.