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Removing Confusion When Buying A Swimming Pool Dehumidifier
Feb 24, 2019

Buying a swimming pool dehumidifier can be confusing.  There are many models, manufacturers, and prices.  So which one will work best for your situation?  Which one will cost you the least to operate long term?  Which one will have years of dependable service?  These are all good questions and will need to be thought about before purchasing one.  However, most people do not know how a dehumidifier works or how to properly size a unit to your specific needs.  This is where a qualified distributor comes in handy.

A distributor ought to be able to help you make a smart equipment purchasing decision.  Many distributors will let you talk with an engineer and have them walk through the different steps of sizing the equipment properly with the engineer before purchasing.  Besides just needing a swimming pool dehumidifier you may also need additional equipment such as an exhaust fan.  This will put a slight negative on the pool room and will help eliminate chlorine smells and prevent moisture from being driven into the structure of the pool room.

So before you purchase any equipment for an indoor pool make sure to talk with a qualified distributor of pool dehumidifiers and their engineer.  This will insure that you save money by having the correct equipment for your space.

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