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Simple Cleaning And Humidifier In Home, How To Clean The Humidifier
May 09, 2018

Simple cleaning and humidifier in home, how to clean the humidifier

Humidifier must be cleaned regularly for a long time. Besides humidifier, humidifier can also make DIY clean at home.

Tool / raw material: rice and white vinegar; method / step: 1 first pour a bowl of rice into the humidifier intake 2 and add water. The amount of water can completely soaked the rice in the water tank. After 3 injecting the water, the water can be swayed continuously with the water tank (the strong friction produced by the shaking can make the stain on the inner wall of the water tank clean dry. " Net. 4 after the water is injected, the water tank is kept shaking (the strong friction generated by shaking can clean up the stains inside the tank wall). 5 white vinegar and clean water according to the proportion of 1:1 6 and then evenly poured on the concussion film (remember the whole concussion flute to cover) 7 quiet for half an hour, then use a cotton swab to clean the inside of the scale can be cleaned up