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So Many Ways Of Dehumidification Must Be Used For Dehumidifiers
Mar 13, 2018

Humid is not only a climate phenomenon for people, but if it lives in a wet environment for a long time, moisture can easily enter the body and cause rheumatism and other diseases. In addition, the damp air will cause damage to buildings, furniture, electrical appliances, such as peeling, lose luster even moldy and rotten furniture. Dampness electrical appliances are more dangerous, metal devices aging and rust easily short-circuit, causing fire. One careless, the wall can grow mushrooms...

In order to reduce the humidity of the air, there are many ways for you to think about it. Put bamboo charcoal packets and quicklime package in the room, open the electric blanket when sleeping, or turn on the air conditioner's dehumidification function.

These methods do have the effect of dehumidification, but like bamboo carbon package and quicklime package, it can be effective for small spaces such as drawers and cabinets, and for a whole house, it basically doesn't work.

The electric blanket can only play a role in the bed, and it can't sleep for a long time, as well as poor effect.

The air conditioning dehumidification function of these methods is the only method can quickly reduce the room humidity, but also in the dehumidification air conditioning refrigeration, only suitable for use in the summer, and the open air for a long time will make the air is too dry, will be on the air conditioning disease, it is not suitable for use in long-term moist environment.

I believe that many users who live in the southern area have gone through such a tangled situation. If we encounter such a situation, buying a dehumidifier is a good solution.

Is a special dehumidifier dehumidifying equipment, household type dehumidifier ordinary per hour can dehumidify about 0.3KG water, compared with carbon coated lime like effect is more secure and more stable, and dehumidifier are generally set to maintain a constant humidity, dehumidification will to a certain extent, not like air conditioning and endless air dry.

Wet weather, in addition to affecting the living environment, affecting the health of the body, can also affect the mood of people. Studies have shown that unpleasant living and working conditions are more moods than overtime, and the whole person will feel less and less. If you have already had the above "symptoms", do not worry, it is likely that it is because of damp, use the dehumidifier to solve all kinds of troubles.

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