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Solution To The Understanding Of Dehumidification In Industrial Environment
Jan 30, 2018

1, dehumidification area, different models meet: 80-1600 square dehumidification demand
2, with air temperature and humidity freely set, and automatic control, real full automation
3. Can timing switch machine function, set from 1-24 hours arbitrarily
4, with fault automatic detection function, if the failure will automatically detect and display the corresponding fault code, convenient maintenance
5, using international famous brand compressor, strong power, strong dehumidification
6. The machine is suitable for low temperature environment, and automatic frost, suitable for temperature: 5-38 C

Aaron Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a new and high technology enterprise which integrates R & D, production and sales as one of the special temperature and humidity control equipment. The main production of household, commercial, industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier, central dehumidification, central air, dehumidification, constant temperature and humidity, high temperature heat pump drying and all kinds of humidifier and a series of air temperature and humidity control equipment at the same time, according to customer demand for customized various non-standard temperature and humidity control equipment. The industrial dehumidifier produced by the company is widely used in various big companies and factories, avoiding the economic loss caused by the damp problem of the warehouse to the merchants.

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