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Teach You How To Prevent Moisture In The Rainy Season
Mar 13, 2018

In the rainy season, people feel uncomfortable when they are hot and humid. Furniture, towels, clothes, bedclothes and other daily necessities always feel damp and sticky. They are not only uncomfortable but also healthy. So how can the dampproof in the rainy season? Let's get to know it together.

1, close the window at the right time (application space: living room, bedroom)

When the weather is too wet, the windows of the home should not be opened more, especially the windows in the South and Southeast, and do not give any opportunity to sneak into the wet air outside the window. The most important period of moisture-proof is daily morning and evening. The air humidity of these two periods is higher than that of noon. If we don't close doors and windows in time, water vapor will permeate every corner of the house.

2. Air conditioning (applicable space: living room, bedroom)

The most convenient way to prevent moisture in the room is to use dehumidifiers or air conditioners to prevent indoor air from being humid, and to prevent and control household products, especially wood products and wooden flooring.

3, lime moisture absorption (applicable space: kitchen, bedroom)

Lime is a simple and easy moisture absorbing agent, and 1 kilograms of lime can adsorb about 0 of the air. 3 kilos of water. The lime packed in wooden crates, not dry, cover; surface drying, open the lid, and don't open the window, you can keep indoor air dry.

4. A newspaper against mildew (application space: bedroom)

How can the clothes in the wardrobe be mouldy when the weather is wet? Open the door of the wardrobe for a long time, can be ventilated and mildew, but so much dust. A newspaper is placed on the bottom of the wardrobe, and even a newspaper is placed inside the cupboard door. It can absorb moisture and achieve the mould proof effect. Besides, the ink flavor on the newspaper can also expel worms.

5. Skillful use of desiccant

Now, there are a lot of desiccant for moisture-proof and dehumidification on the market, and the effect of preventing moisture can be obtained by reasonable placement. There are two kinds of common hygroscopic box and dehumidification package. The general hygroscopic box has various flavors. It is suitable to be placed under the sofa, corner, under the bed of the bedroom and under the cabinet. The dehumidifying bag, which is made from water absorbing resin and charcoal, is suitable for confined space in wardrobe and shoe cabinet. After a period of use, the material in the hygroscopic box can be removed, and the bulk desiccant can be used again in the box.

6. Other dampproof tools

Mildew insect pest control agents: rainy days often have more choice in pest control agent can choose both insect and mildew, has the best drying effect of repellents; fresh-keeping bag: the home of some Chinese herbal medicines or afraid of damp some foods with fresh bags sealed, it can moisture. If it has been damp, it can be dried and sealed after microwave oven. Clothes dryer: for a well-to-do person, there is a dryer. In the rainy season, there is no need to be afraid of clothes drying.

Conclusion: Meiyu season home moisture-proof, is the focus of people's attention, small editor in this for you to sort out the six main points, I hope to help you.