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The Advantages Of Mobile Air Conditioning
Jan 07, 2018

1., convenience: no external machine, no professional installation, integral design, compressor evaporators and condensers are all integrated together, no longer semi-finished products, plug in is available, equipped with Vientiane casters, move with the heart, where to cool it can be cool.

2. savings: small power, more power saving::a, a multi - room, at any time mobile. More than a room mobile air conditioning units can save procurement costs! B, low power, local control: in the larger environment or local use of central air conditioning environment, mobile air conditioning for the local space to adjust the temperature, can quickly achieve cooling and energy saving target, C, free mobile: mobile! Air conditioning is the integral type air conditioner, the purchase is finished (split type air conditioner purchase semi-finished products), do not need to install, moved at any time, you can use the electric plug, move easily fix! Such as rental property, field construction office.

3. without air conditioning connecting pipe, do not have to play the hole in the wall and does not need to consider the length of position, there is no need to worry about leakage of refrigerant, the overall optimization design, more security.

4. condensate automatic treatment, free water and indoor air conditioning and air drying worry.

The area of mobile air conditioning 1P is within 15 flat area, the area of 1.5P is within 15-20 flat, and the area of large 1.5p is less than 25 square meters.