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The Air Dehumidifier Can Also Be Used For Sterilization And Deodorization, And It Can Also Be Used In The Portable Compact Car.
Feb 04, 2018

For the friends who live in the South and the coastal city

All the year round is the moisture in the room

Winter is cold, wet quilt clothes do not say

It's also easy to get eczema

This time you need to use this
Aaron air dehumidifier
Multifunction dehumidification

As a dehumidifier

The effect of dehumidification is not strong if it is good or not.

This dehumidifier can absorb 1080ml of water vapor at most every day

It's almost three small bottles

And it quickly condenses into water after hygroscopic

Don't let the steam go back to the air
Apart from the fast drying room

This machine can also be used to dry clothes quickly.

No longer wearing wet clothes to go out

When the room temperature is below 12 degrees centigrade

Automatic opening defrosting mode for machine meeting
Don't worry about the excessive force of the dehumidifier

Instead of making the room too dry

When the water vapor index of the room falls below 50%

This machine will automatically stop operation

Always maintain the most suitable air humidity
Or an air purifier

In addition to removing moisture

The dehumidifier also provides a one-stop service for air purification

It uses a photocatalyst material

And with ultraviolet light

The photocatalyst material is irradiated by ultraviolet light

The ability to kill bacteria quickly

Degrading harmful gas

The effect of deodorization
In addition, this dehumidifier has the function of negative ion purification

Effectively neutralize the dust in the air

So as to achieve better purification effect
Light and portable sound light

The weight of this dehumidifier is 2.2kg

The color is bright and not glaring

It will not conflict with the style of pretending

Is probably more than a piece of A4 paper on a circle

30 square meters within the room can be used

What bedroom, the small living room is right

It can also be put into the car to remove the smoke
The sound of the whole machine is below 35 decibels

Nocturnal sleep will not be affected

And according to the measurement

The power consumption of 12 hours is less than 1 degrees
Three functions of dehumidification, air purification and clothes drying

On the whole

The price ratio is very high

The guys may try to get a try.