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The Basic Knowledge Related To The Air Dedryer
May 06, 2018

The basic knowledge related to the air dedryer

1. What is the standard state of the air?

At the temperature of 20 C and the relative temperature of 65%, the air state is called the standard state of the air. In the standard state, the air density is 1.2kg/m3 (air compressor exhaust, dryer, filter and other post-processing equipment are marked with the flow of air standard state, and the unit is recorded as Nm3/min. "

2. Temperature

Temperature is the statistical mean of the molecular thermal motion.

Absolute temperature: the temperature at the starting point of the minimum temperature when gas stops moving is recorded as T.

The unit symbol is K (Kelvin)

Celsius temperature: the temperature starting from the melting point of ice, the unit temperature is "Celsius temperature". The western countries are

"Fahrenheit temperature" indicates that the unit symbol is F.

The conversion relationship between temperature units is: T (K) =t (c) +273.16 t (F) =1.8t (c) +32

3. The meaning of atmospheric pressure, absolute pressure and surface pressure.

Atmospheric pressure: the pressure of the earth's surface on the surface of the earth is called the "atmospheric pressure" symbol B, the unit is Pa or the MPa (Mpa).

Absolute pressure: the pressure directly acting on the surface of a container or object is called "absolute pressure" and the symbol is PABS.

Surface pressure: the pressure measured by pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and U tube is called "surface pressure". The surface pressure is the starting point of atmospheric pressure and the symbol is Pg.

The relationship between the three: PABS=B+Pg 1 standard atmospheric pressure =0.01013Mpa

1Kg/cm2 =14.2235Psi (pound / square inch)