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The Common Sense Of The Dehumidifier
Apr 07, 2018

A humidity and temperature are everywhere. There is no place in the south. The temperature in the south of Huangmei is not high, and the humidity is very large. People feel hot and uncomfortable. At the same time, dampness and mold damage to metal oxidation occur at any time. When the relative humidity is greater than 60%, mold can grow, and humidity above 85% is the high incidence of mold.

B industrial products are optical lenses, magnetic recording materials (including CD-ROM), image films, electronic information media, electronic components, instruments, instruments, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather tobacco, food, tea, grain and so on.

C chemical desiccant dehumidifier and dehumidifying, this paper refers to the refrigeration dehumidification. The refrigeration dehumidifier adopts the principle of compressor refrigeration, dehumidification. The moisture in the air enters the evaporator, condenses and frosted, then accumulates and drops into the lower inlet. Dehumidifier and air conditioner dehumidification is different. Air conditioning dehumidification is to make the whole space temperature drop and dehumidification, which is suitable for hot weather in summer. Dehumidifier dehumidification is the internal cooling of the machine, the discharge of the water in the air, the temperature of the space is slightly rising, but the temperature difference is not obvious, it is suitable for the four seasons, and the electricity consumption is also saved.

The D dehumidifier should avoid the use of the heat source and keep the outlet of the inlet and outlet of the air. In general, the dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the space. There should be enough space around the dehumidifier, and the material should not be stacked. Keeping the air flowing smoothly can achieve the even effect of dehumidification.

E freezing dehumidifier is used in the environment of low temperature (below 18 centigrade). It can frosting or freezing, and dehumidification opportunity automation cream with defrosting function, but the dehumidifier without defrosting function can be artificially defrosted. Generally speaking, the temperature is low, the humidity is low, and the humidity is below 40%. The effect of dehumidification is not obvious and the speed is slow. This is a normal phenomenon.

The nominal dehumidification of F is 50 liters / days of dehumidification scale measured under standard conditions, which means the volume of effluent measured at 30 C / RH80% for 24 hours.

During the operation of the G dehumidifier, the discharge of hot air from the vent is the normal operation of the machine. In winter, the humidity is low and the outlet temperature of the outlet drops obviously, which is a normal phenomenon.

H consumers in the purchase of dehumidifier, the calculation of dehumidification of the amount of dehumidification should take into account the noise and other indicators, the general dehumidifier of a large dehumidifier, a large noise, is a type of industrial equipment, if the noise is small and dehumidification needs to meet the requirements, it is suggested to buy several small dehumidifiers.