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The Daily Maintenance Method Of The Dehumidifier
Feb 21, 2018

1. dehumidifier in the use of a period of time, its inlet filter network will accumulate dust, dust accumulation over thick, will affect dehumidification effect. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter network frequently. Make the front and back ventilation smooth.

2., the humidity sensor with humidity sensor is usually placed on the ventilation surface. If the environment is not good enough, the humidity sensor is blocked by dust, and the sensor will not be able to display and control the humidity. After a period of time, the user uses a soft brush to remove the dust on the sensor and keep the sensor fresh.

3., when the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, the power plug should be removed, cleaning the whole machine, volatile oil, diluent and cleaning agent may cause damage to the machine, please do not use it. The water tank should clean up the water to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

4. when the dehumidifier is used for a long time, it will stop at least once a week, do some general maintenance, see whether the machine filter screen needs cleaning, whether the machine has abnormal voice or not.

5. the dehumidifier controlled by a digital microcomputer, because it controls the precision of the original device, the non professional personnel should not be dismantled at will. The operator also does not change the function frequently, which will reduce the service life.

6. frozen type dehumidifier are using the principle of desiccant refrigeration compressor, the compressor is a high technology content of components, but also the whole dehumidifier in the heart, so the quality of power compressor has certain requirements, often in compressor using unstable voltage environment, will cause the compressor coil short circuit fault. Therefore, when the voltage fluctuation is large, the dehumidifier should be stopped and the voltage regulator is used to assist the use. The dehumidifier that uses the microcomputer to control the voltage protection function is not restricted by the above conditions.

7. use a reciprocating compressor dehumidifier, when the need to move, the body is not more than 45 degrees. No * * * * upside down or horizontally, so easy to cause the compressor internal damping spring compressor using decoupling when there is a great noise or not normal use.