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The Dehumidifier Is Really Helpful
Apr 15, 2018

Home in Shenzhen, the recent weather is very wet, the home is more of the tide is not said, this is not good for the body, want to buy a dehumidifier at home, put it in the bedroom, the bedroom is very small. Ask the dehumidifier really useful? It is not humid at home, my bedroom is also more than 20 flat meter bar if the dehumidifier really useful 20 square meters of the house should make a dehumidifier price is about how many, troublesome friends to help solve.

Home dehumidifier damp, useful. Cause: a very important function of dehumidifier is to blow dry clothes, and the clothes that meet the humidity too big are not easy to dry. In this case, the dehumidifier specially designs the function of the air blowing, because the wind blowing out of the dehumidifier is hot air, and the wet clothes hanging on the dehumidifier will soon blow dry. The dehumidifier can not only prevent the tide at home, but also quickly dry clothes, and kill two birds with one stone, which is absolutely necessary for family life.

Dehumidifier, also known as the humidifier, dryer, dehumidifier, can be divided into two categories, civil dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier, which belong to a member of the air conditioning family. Usually, the conventional dehumidifier is composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water heater, a case and a controller.

Its working principle is that the air is pumped into the machine by the fan, through the heat exchanger, when the water molecules in the air are condensed into water, and the dry air after the treatment is discharged from the machine, so that the humidity of the room is kept in the appropriate relative humidity.