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The Difference Between The Dehumidifier And The Air Conditioner, Which Is Good For The Air Conditioner And The Dehumidifier
Mar 08, 2018

At present, with the increasing of people's living standard, and the demand for high-quality living environment, most are equipped with air conditioning dehumidification function, but the working principle of the dehumidifier and there is a difference, according to the environment, choose the corresponding dehumidification method is the key of effective regulation of environmental comfort.

In most cases, the human body in the humidity for 60%~70% in air environment comfortable, more than 70% humidity and human comfort will drop, air conditioner and dehumidifier is used to adjust humidity and enables the human body to achieve a certain comfort, working their way there are similarities and differences. The following is a brief introduction of the principle of their.

Comparison of the principle of dehumidification

1. dehumidification principle of air conditioner

The air conditioner has the function of dehumidification in two modes:

A) the refrigeration mode is the mode of any air conditioner, and it is also the basic function of the air conditioner. The process must be accompanied by the air conditioner refrigeration dehumidification, moist air through the air conditioner evaporator temperature will be greatly reduced, the air humidity in a supersaturated state, the excess water to precipitate condensation, condensation in the evaporator fins, or "dew", until the cooling mode reaches the equilibrium state of the air the humidity is reduced to a certain level.

B) independent dehumidification mode in this way the industry is called constant temperature dehumidification, its basic principle is through the air cooling evaporator is then heated to the original temperature, and then into the interior, so the indoor environment has remained relatively constant in the humidity down.

2. the working principle of the dehumidifier

The working principle of Eyre Collins dehumidifier, simply use the moisture in the air condenses into the evaporator frosting in the dehumidifier, then drops into the product, outlet, so as to reduce the humidity of the objective space. The principle is similar to the dehumidification principle of the air conditioner refrigeration mode. The working mode of dehumidifier is to cool down inside the machine, analyze the water in the air, and the temperature of the space will rise slightly, but the temperature difference is not obvious. It is more suitable for the humid season outside midsummer, and the electricity consumption is also relatively saving.

Many users will ask, "can the air conditioner be able to dehumidification? Does the dehumidifier become redundant with the air conditioner? " In fact, this is a consumer misunderstanding, the main function of the air conditioner is cooling and heating, air conditioner with dehumidification function can desiccant, but a small amount of desiccant, desiccant slow; and in the southern region of the rainy season, the temperature is not high, if used to dehumidify air conditioning, blowing cold, more dehumidification will more cold, feel quite uncomfortable. In addition, because the air conditioner is fixed, it can only dehumidification in a small area. At the same time, the long time dehumidification operation of air conditioners will also increase the load of the compressor. Not only will it consume large amounts of electricity, it will also easily damage the compressor and shorten the life of the whole machine. Therefore, the air conditioner is not suitable for the use of the dehumidifier.

1. by use

For residential environment, selection of air conditioner dehumidification should be more economical. Due to the suitable air humidity of human being at 60~70%, this humidity is easier to achieve for air conditioners. Dehumidifier noise is larger than the air conditioner, especially high power dehumidifiers, so in the choice of air conditioner dehumidification living situation.

2. by use of objects

For industrial products, optical lens, magnetic recording materials (including CD), image film, electronic information media, electronic components, instruments, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather, tobacco, food, tea, food and other items need to strictly control the humidity, the special dehumidifier and obvious effect, recommended the use of industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier | workshop warehouse | desiccant dehumidifiers.

3. climatic conditions in use area

Common climate is nothing more than the following: (1) - in the summer hot weather, high temperature and high humidity; (2) high temperature and low humidity, dry climate in the north dry season; (3) -- south of the rainy season in low temperature and high humidity; (4) low temperature and humidity, usually refers to the northern cold weather. Usually need to dehumidify climate mainly (1) and (3), the area of high temperature and humidity, recommended the use of air conditioning, refrigeration dehumidification mode in the process through the temperature down; on the area of low temperature and high humidity, recommended with dehumidification mode of air conditioner or dehumidifier.