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The Difference Between The Ultrasonic Humidifier And The Humidifier
Jan 21, 2018

Intuitionistic point, the ultrasonic is the spray in the air, that mist is fine water;
Humidification is the wet membrane humidification, the machine blow out the wet wind, the naked eye can see nothing.

The working principle of Ulun ultrasonic humidifier:
Oren industrial ultrasonic humidifier using electronic shock overclocking (oscillation frequency 1.7MHz), the high frequency resonant atomizing piece, the water off water and generate natural flowing water, no heating or chemical agent and water 1-5 micron particles floating in the air, so as to improve the effect of air relative humidity.

Working principle of uhlen wet film humidifier
The wet membrane humidifier by evaporation of water, the water pump and the distributor will be continuously sent to the upper part of the wet film, evenly pour water to the top of the wet film, water shower water to ensure uniform distribution of wet film material, water down along the wet film materials, all aspects of internal wet wet film, at the same time be wet the membrane material absorption, forming a uniform water film. When the dry air through the wet membrane, full contact air wet film with large area, the sensible heat in the air so that the water is vaporized, the humidity increases and achieving the purpose of humidification.