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The Humidifier Is Made By Chinese To China
Jul 14, 2017

Relative to relying on technology research and development of many humidifier enterprises, "Made in China!" Can be used as a self-improvement slogan, but can not lead the national brand out of the international powers surrounded. Although the national brand is rooted in China, but bogey self-styled, but also to look long-term, the "manufacturing technology" into "create technology" is the Chinese brand's early days. In the most stringent technical requirements of the electrical industry, but also the most rapid technological change and popularization of the industry, different regions, different countries, have different advantages. Japan: As the birthplace of semiconductor technology, developed the world's first "ultrasonic two-phase flow humidifier": that is, ultrasonic humidifier; Germany: German national adherence to the rigorous character of the world's most sophisticated manufacturing technology , Siemens is Seiko quality representatives ... ... commodity circulation in a well-known "smile law." That is, at the bottom of the manufacturing sector, respectively, at both ends of the R & D and sales. R & D belongs to the creation of goods, sales is the promotion of the brand; and manufacturing is only from the creation to the sale of a basic realization of the process. The three are independent of each other. If from the consumer point of view, technology and brand these two topics are indeed closely related; but from the macroeconomic point of view, which in turn represents the two different aspects of commodity circulation. Here first to distinguish a concept, the mention of "technology" is the manufacturing technology or innovative technology? "Manufacturing" and "create", although the word difference, but very different. Quality and brand itself is closely related, there is no excellent manufacturing process can not have excellent products, branding also put forward a higher demand for product quality. In the international market well-known brand-name goods are not through the excellent quality to continue to accumulate. Regardless of the shortcomings of the manufacturing sector, blind pursuit of short-term effect of the brand will only create the serious consequences of ruin.