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The New Standard Of Humidifier Service Society
Jul 14, 2017

"Humidifier" standard formal implementation of the standard on the humidification, noise, evaporation core (device) life, water softener performance and life, display control and other functions were provided. This is China's first national humidifier performance standards. Humidifier humidification efficiency level, according to various types, energy consumption from low to high divided into A, B, C, D four. Humidification of various types of humidifier should not be less than the D level, with the air purification function of the humidifier, in addition, in order to achieve the function of humidification function of the power consumption is not included in the calculation. It is understood that the "humidifier" standard in the development of the market for many products tested, the vast majority of products can meet this standard. In the case of an ultrasonic humidifier with a humidification capacity of ≤ 350 mL / h, the standard specifies a noise limit of ≤ 38 dB (A). "Normally, the noise limits of these products on the market are mostly set at 35 dB (A), and some products are within 30 dB (A) of noise when in use," a company official involved in standard development said. In addition to the humidification efficiency and noise limits, the "humidifier" also specifies the performance of the humidifier's evaporator core and water softener. China's household appliances researcher Sun Peng also "electrical" reporter showed a new standard on the details of the product performance concerns: "the water quality of the north hard, humidifier in the work prone to calcium and magnesium precipitate, therefore, the humidifier soft water "The new standard for the humidifier market normative role, Song Liqiang to give a very positive evaluation:" This can prevent some enterprises to make excessive use of publicity. "This is a very important test and demonstration, Of the gimmick confused consumers.For example, some humidifier only soft water function, but also hype, with the new standard, this situation can be avoided.