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The Working Principle Of The Wheel Dehumidifier
May 02, 2018

The working principle of the wheel dehumidifier

1. The manufacture of the dehumidification wheel is made of ceramic fiber paper with temperature over 500 centigrade. After forming a honeycomb shaped wheel through the forming mechanism, the silica gel is then coated between the ceramic fiber and the dehumidification wheel will not have the problems of burning and deliquescence. Because its function of dehumidification is to use physical action instead of chemical action, it will not produce any harmful chemicals.

2. The dehumidification principle of the wheel type dehumidifier uses the silica gel coated on the wheel to adsorb the moisture in the air on the porous synthetic silica gel, then vaporizes the adsorbed in the hole of the silica gel through the water and gas of the silica gel hole, and forms the high temperature and high humidity air at the entrance of the AC heat exchanger, then the air is formed at high temperature and high humidity. When the heat exchanger has been cooled down by cooling and humid air in the room, condensation water is discharged because of the difference of dew point.