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Various Small Methods Of Damp And Dehumidification
Jan 28, 2018

Wet, wet. As long as it's raining. It's all this breath. We all sought after fashion trendsetter. But the "tide" people. We're getting rid of it. Because the tide has a direct impact on our health. All kinds of wet and dehumidification methods, we should make good use of the protection of our own and family. The most convenient and most efficient dehumidification method is the use of desiccant appliances to help, which is now the hot selling Dongxin dehumidifier. At the same time, we can also use the dehumidification function of the air conditioning, and keep the dry and comfortable in the home lightly.
The other way is that we can also make a homemade dehumidifier. Such as the use of abandoned newspapers and clothes mats in the entrance, wet the bottom of the foot. The newspaper can also be put on the tile, not only has the very good water absorption effect, but can prevent slippery and maintain the ceramic tile. Activated carbon, desiccant, lime and other commonly used dehumidifiers can also be placed in every corner of ceramic tiles, absorbing moisture from air, keeping dry and prolonging the service life of ceramic tiles. In order to prevent the tile tide, the first is to prevent the invasion of moisture. And human activities are also a factor in driving water, especially through the bottom of the foot. So before entering the door, you should change the dry slippers, or dry the moisture of the sole, and avoid taking the steam from the outside to the home.