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What Are The Components Of The Dehumidifier?
May 02, 2018

What are the components of the dehumidifier?

There are mainly two types of compressor for dehumidifier, reciprocating and rotor type. Because its technical threshold is not high, the general reciprocating compressor and the rotor compressor enterprise can be produced, so the supply manufacturers are a large number of manufacturers, almost all of them are involved, but the quantity is small. The supply of dehumidifier compressors is more seasonal. The monthly supply of heavy dehumidifiers is concentrated in June to October each year. Therefore, compressor suppliers usually stagger the production of dehumidifier compressor and air conditioning compressor.

Dehumidifier selection: many users will ask: "air conditioners can not dehumidification? With air conditioning, does the dehumidifier become redundant? In fact, this is a misunderstanding, the main function of the air conditioner is refrigeration and heating, the air conditioner with independent dehumidification function can dehumidification, but the dehumidification is small, dehumidification is slow, and the temperature is low in the southern area of Meiyu season, most of the time is below 20 centigrade, the air conditioner dehumidifying and blowing out the cold wind, the more the air conditioning machine is dehumidifying. The cooler the dehumidifier is, the feeling of giving people is quite uncomfortable. In addition, as the air conditioner is fixed only in the local area of a small area of dehumidification, more important is the air wither dehumidification increase a few times the load operation, not only power consumption, but also the compressor damage, shorten the life of the machine. Therefore, the air conditioner should not be used instead of the dehumidifier.