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What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Dehumidifiers?
Jul 14, 2017

Industrial dehumidifier as a modern social life among the necessary dehumidification equipment, its function features, cost-effective and so are different, not the same equipment manufacturers are not the same configuration. The lower the air temperature of industrial dehumidifiers, the better the dehumidification of industrial dehumidifiers. We put this mixed air down to 10 ℃ and then sent to the dehumidification wheel that is based on this principle. According to the relevant thermal formula, industrial dehumidifier demand cooling capacity of 13.52KW, to select the industrial dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidifier refrigeration dehumidification method selection: the ordinary air conditioning compressor refrigeration dehumidification method can only air dew point temperature down to 10 ℃, and this soft capsule drying room dew point temperature request to reach 1 ℃ below, so with the usual dehumidification Law can not reach the production process request. And the use of air conditioning and refrigeration processing industry dehumidifier combination of the way to easily make the air dew point temperature down to -40 ℃.