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Why Choose Industrial Humidifiers?
Jul 14, 2017

The static electricity and dust in the dry air will lead to huge damage of the industrial production. The product quality declines, the pass rate reduces, even the production cost increases. To solve this problem, it is recommended  to use industrial humidifier to adjust the air humidity and prevent the production from the influence of static electricity and dust. Our industrial humidifier has features of fast humidification, good effect and is the best choice for enterprises to eliminate static dust.

Here are hazards caused by electrostatic discharge:

1. It causes breakdown of integrated circuits and sophisticated electronic components, the aging of components, increases the  production cost;

2. It causes electronic equipment failure or malfunction, resulting in electromagnetic interference;

3. It can lead to explosion and fire easily where there is too much flammable and explosive materials, dust, oil mist;

4. The high voltage electrostatic discharge caused by electric shock endangers personal safety.