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What Are The Humidifiers
Mar 16, 2018

Humidifier is a household appliance that can increase room humidity. Humidifier can humidiate the designated room, or it can be connected with the boiler or central air conditioning system to humidiate the entire building. According to the theory of heat and wet exchange, the humidifier is divided into two types in practical engineering.

1, isenthalpic humidifier: that is, the sensible heat of the air is absorbed by the water, and the change of the enthalpy and wet map is an approximate enthalpy process.

2, isothermal humidifier: the use of heat to convert liquid water into a mixture of steam and air to humidification, and its change in enthalpy and wet map is an approximate isothermal process.

The humidifier can be divided into three large categories: industrial humidifier, commercial humidifier and household humidifier from the scope of use.

Ultrasonic humidifier

It has been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic high frequency 2 million times per second concussion, atomize the water is 1 microns to 5 micron particles and negative oxygen ions, thereby achieving a uniform humidification, clean air, improve the health of the winter heating, remove heat, and create a comfortable living environment.

Pure humidifier

A direct humidifier is also known as a pure humidifier. The clean humidification technology is the new technology that has just been adopted in the humidification field. Through molecular sieve evaporation technology, we remove calcium and magnesium ions in water and solve the problem of white powder. Through washing the air through the water curtain, it can also filter and purify the air, dust and particles in the air while humidifying, and then send the moist and clean air to the room through the pneumatic device, so as to improve the environmental humidity and cleanliness. So it's very suitable for the family with the old and the children, and it can also prevent the winter flu.

Ultrasonic humidifier and clean humidifier are recommended products for children. They have high safety factor, purify air, eliminate bacteria and humidification, and improve health, and give children a comfortable environment.

Electric humidifier

The hot steam humidifier is also called the electric heating humidifier. Its working principle is to heat the water in the heating body to 100 degrees, producing steam and sending the steam out of the motor. The electric humidifier is the simplest way of humidification.

Immersion electrode humidifier

The submerged electrode type humidifier (immersed Electrode humidifier) uses the large area electrode immersed in the water as the terminal, and water as the heating medium. When the current flows through the water, it generates heat, and makes the water boil and generate steam. Its characteristics are low cost, easy to install and use. But the precision is low, and the maintenance of the humidified bucket needs to be replaced regularly.

Cold mist humidifier

The humidifier uses a fan to force air to contact and exchange water with water to increase the relative humidity of the air. The humidifier is automatically adjusted with the relative humidity of the air, the air relative humidity is low when a large quantity of humidification, air relative humidity is high, humidification amount is low; the disadvantage is the low humidification amount (about ultrasonic humidifier 1/5), noise relative to the ultrasonic humidifier, but the humidifier has less energy consumption, low noise.

Commercial humidifier

A commercial humidifier is a kind of medium spray humidifying equipment between civil and industrial use.

Commercial humidifiers should have the following characteristics:

1. The spray amount of commercial humidifier is medium. Can not be too small, commercial space more than a hundred square meters, too small amount of humidification is meaningless.

2. The commercial humidifier needs to work reliably. The commercial environment requires a lower failure rate of work.

3, commercial humidifier should be convenient for maintenance. Any commercial environment is a long-term work, and the equipment that can not be maintained is not suitable for use.

4, commercial humidifier should be as energy saving as possible. The long-term use of the commercial environment has a strong energy saving demand.

5. The volume of the commercial humidifier. The commercial environment is generally compact, and the volume of the humidifying equipment tends to be miniaturized.

6. Water supply for commercial humidifiers. The commercial environment is complex, and the water supply of humidifier should be diversified, and the way of water supply should be flexible and convenient.

Commercial humidifier is suitable for mahjong rooms, chess rooms, KTV, beauty salons, hotels, families, entertainment places, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, government offices, etc.

Its working principle is through electrolysis to release a pure substance in the atomization humidifier water and ozone (O3), O3 plays the role of disinfection antiseptic effect on water quality in the atomization process of water, and with every corner of the mist to spread evenly humidification room, pure - ozone depleting substances play a role in purifying air oxygen humidifier the release (O3), is a famous and powerful "pure purification agent", can be a good method for continuous removal of bacteria and viruses in high pure water system is the use of ozone.