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What Is The Defrosting Principle Of The Cryopreservation Dehumidifier?
May 02, 2018

What is the defrosting principle of the cryopreservation dehumidifier?

When the compressor type dehumidifier is used in a low temperature environment (usually below 10 degrees centigrade), the dehumidifier heat exchange system will be frosted, and this process is inevitable, so the compressor type dehumidifier will enter the defrosting state regularly when the ambient temperature is low.

At this time the dehumidification opportunity stops the compressor work first, and uses the evaporator to heat the wire (part of the heat exchange system) to heat the heat exchange plate temperature, and then through the fan output, the defrosting effect is produced.

The time needs to be determined by the ambient temperature, the lower the ambient temperature, the longer the time consuming. In the defrosting process, the compressor dehumidifier can not dehumidification, so the dehumidification effect of the compressor type dehumidifier is not ideal for the low temperature environment. If the environment temperature is low, the new type of rotary dehumidifier can be selected.