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What Is The Desiccant
May 02, 2018

What is the desiccant?

Put in the packing bag. After packing the bag, the desiccant is responsible for absorbing the residual water in the bag and air to ensure that the articles in the bag are not damaged or damaged by the moisture.

Desiccant is also called absorption agent. It is used in moisture-proof, mildew prevention and drying. The desiccant is divided into physical adsorption desiccant and chemical adsorption desiccant according to the different adsorption methods and reaction products. The desiccant of physical adsorption are silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon, bone charcoal, charcoal, mineral desiccant, or active clay. Its drying principle is to adsorb water molecules in their own structure by physical way.