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What Is The Development Of The Dehumidifier
May 02, 2018

What is the development of the dehumidifier?

The industrial dehumidifier is very different in the field. The industrial dehumidifier is mainly based on the domestic market, whose sales account for 60% of the total domestic sales, and the proportion of sales is over 90%. The market for commercial machines has not really developed. The sales situation is similar to that of home appliances. Many units and places need dehumidifiers, but they do not know much about the products and do not include them in the procurement area. The purchase bidding items about the dehumidifier are very few, the customers need the business to take the initiative to excavate, need "curve" marketing, even the dehumidifier is only used as a supporting product to the user.

The consumer groups of industrial dehumidifiers:

1., the demand for products is not complex, so long as it can satisfy dehumidification, but it has higher sensitivity to price.

The 2. is the stronger units and some scientific research institutes, which require higher performance of the machine, and the price is a secondary consideration.

In domestic production enterprises, dehumidifier is an enterprise that has been involved in the field of dehumidifiers earlier, and GREE has been growing rapidly in recent years. Many large enterprises, taking account of various factors such as market maturity and consumer price acceptance, have voluntarily abandoned the domestic market.