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What Is The Principle Of The Dehumidifier
Feb 04, 2018

The dehumidifier can remove the moisture in the air. Its basic principle is to condense the moisture to the surface of the low temperature.
Everyone who has poured a cup of ice tea on a hot, humid summer day knows that moisture will condense on the glass. When the air is cooled, it loses its ability to maintain the state of the gas; in the case of a cold glass, the moisture in the air will immediately condense into the glass. If the glass is put on the table for a long time, and the air is very humid, it will produce a fairly large pool of water. You may have seen this phenomenon on the air conditioner. The moisture in the indoor air condenses to the cooling coil of the air conditioner. If it is a window type air conditioner, condensate will be dripped from the rear of the air conditioner to the ground.
The dehumidifier is only a means of heating and cooling coil in the same box of air conditioner. A fan of indoor air conditioning refrigeration coil pumped to the condensation of moisture (usually the condensed water drops to a keg). Then the dry air is heated to the original temperature by heating the coil. It's so simple!
If your room is equipped with air conditioning, so this room will not need dehumidifiers, air conditioning can dehumidify for you.