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What Kind Of Home Humidifier Is Good
Feb 07, 2018

    There are many kinds of humidifiers on the market, which are mainly ultrasonic humidifiers, hot foggy humidifiers and pure humidifiers. Any other negative humidifier, purifying humidifier, and so on are added to the humidifier to add the corresponding function. Here are a brief description of these humidifiers.
1, ultrasonic humidifier, through the ultrasonic principle, water high frequency oscillation into water mist and humidification. This kind of humidifier is the most common and the price is relatively cheap, but if you have pregnant women in your family, you can choose the pure humidifier, because the fog sometimes can cause harm, and you can search for related news and so on.
2, the heat mist humidifier is heated by heating to form a hot fog and humidification, and this humidifier is usually used in the cold season of autumn and winter.
3, the pure humidifier is humidified by physical evaporation. The author thinks that it is the safest humidifier so far. No radiant white powder, no water scale, no water quality. My home is using the auon mist free humidifier, very good.