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What Makes A Great Dehumidifier For A Water Restoration Company?
Sep 19, 2018

What Makes a Great Dehumidifier For a Water Restoration Company?
There are many factors that make a great dehumidifier for a water restoration286 company but many people look for the wrong things.  It has always been my thought that I would choose actual performance over marketing hype.  However, many people in our industry choose a dehumidifier off of how it looks or how small it is or by information they get from the manufacturer.
I would like to see people choose a dehumidifier based on performance, then the manufacturers would be more apt to come up with new technologies.   In the article I wrote on my website I give details of the many things I see as crucial when choosing a dehumidifier.  First and foremost though has to be choosing a low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier over a conventional / standard refrigerant.
In my opinion, you should not be in the water restoration industry if you are not going to choose good quality equipment.  Choosing a standard/conventional dehumidifier instead of an LGR or desiccant dehumidifier is just not very smart.   So do us all a favor, if you own a standard / conventional dehumidifier use it for a boat anchor not as a tool to dry a house or business.   Once these units are eliminated from the industry the quality of work and speed of work will go up.