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What's The Humidifier For Home
Jan 15, 2018

By using the area of the environment, the humidifier should be considered when choosing the humidifier, because the initial purpose of humidifier can not be achieved by excessive humidification or lack of humidification. Selection based on the size of the environmental area is an effective selection. For example, the 30 square room is suitable for 400 milliliters per hour humidifier, and the 50 square room is suitable for 500 milliliters per hour humidifier.
Choose after the development in recent years through the brand, humidifier industry has from groping summary in addition to a set of its own production experience, the humidifier Market a wide range of products, consumers in the selection of the humidifier, the best choice from the formal channels of the regular manufacturers of humidifier. Some low end humidifiers are often produced by some workshops that lack production conditions, such as large noise, poor humidification effect and easy pollution.
Through the selection of relevant functions, the household humidifier sold on the market has not only the traditional humidifying function but also some additional functions, which has increased the selling point of the humidifier, and at the same time, enhanced the practicability of the humidifier. Such as beauty function, automatic control humidity function, MP3 function, negative oxygen ion function and so on. If you are a beauty, beauty of the humidifier will have is a good choice for you, it will be the perfect combination of steaming device and humidifier, increase in humidity and realize the effect of steam surface device. Humidifier with automatic humidity control function, as long as enough water is added, the humidity range will be established, and the function of automatic air environment humidity will be realized. When humidity is reduced, it will automatically start humidification and automatically shut down when humidity exceeds the preset maximum value.
There are a wide variety of humidifiers through the humidification type, which can be divided into two types: steam type and cold fog type according to the type of humidification. The steam humidifier includes two kinds of electric heating and electrode type, which heat the water through the ion and heat the water to produce the water vapor, thus humidifying the air. The advantage is that the effect of humidification is good, (the effect of the steam is absorbed by the air is the best), and the power consumption is high, and it does not meet the requirements of low carbon environmental protection. It also increases the cost of family users. At the same time, if there are infants at home, it is not very suitable for steam humidifiers, and wires and hot steam are easy to cause harm to children.