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Which Is Good For The Chinese Dehumidifier
Apr 15, 2018

1, LCD display screen, computer control 2, low temperature application, automatic frost 3, large water tank, full automatic stop 4, full plastic steel shell, beautiful and generous 5, intelligent timing function, 2 speed fan can be set 6, the bottom is equipped with universal wheel, free mobile 7, international brand Hitachi compressor, super quiet operation

1, LCD display screen; computer control

1, LCD display screen; computer control

1. the air conditioner should not be used instead of the dehumidifier

Many users will ask, "can't air conditioners dehumidification? With air conditioning, is the dehumidifier redundant? In fact, this is

A misunderstanding of consumption, the main function of the air conditioner is refrigeration and heating, and the air conditioner with independent dehumidification function can dehumidification, but it has small dehumidification and dehumidification.

Slow; and in the southern region of the plum rainy season, the temperature is low, most of the time is below 20 degrees, when the air-conditioner dehumidification blows out the cold.

Wind, the more cold it is, the more uncomfortable it is for people. In addition, because the air conditioner is fixed, it can only dehumidification and heavier in a small area.

We need to increase the load by several times when the air is withered, and not only consume a lot of electricity, but also damage the compressor and shorten the life of the machine. Therefore,

The air conditioner should not be used instead of the dehumidifier.

The principle and use of the 2. dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water heater, a case and a controller, and its working principle is that the fan draws moist air.

Through the heat exchanger, the water in the air can be condensed into water droplets and become a dry air exhausting machine. Such a cycle will make indoor humidity.

Lower. Therefore, dehumidifiers are widely used in offices, archives, materials, libraries, computer rooms, precise instrument room, hospitals and valuables warehouses.

Place, make the electronic products, optical instruments, precision equipment and valuables to avoid damp, mildew of bad luck.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the renewal of people's consumption concept, dehumidifier has gradually entered the family and become a lot of families.

An indispensable member of it. Especially in the rainy season, they become the protection gods of high-grade clothing, leather and high-end household appliances, and become rheumatism and respiratory system.

Patients with other diseases and health care workers of the elderly, maternity and infants can create a good environment for all users who need proper humidity.

3. house area set dehumidifier reference

The general building (room height is 2.3 meters, doors and windows shut down the normal ground buildings), the room area set the dehumidifier reference: dehumidification.

The area is 20 liters / day, the area is 20 square meters to 30 square meters, the area of dehumidification is 30 liters / day, the area is 30 square meters to 40 square meters, and the amount of dehumidification is about.

The area of 50 liters / days is 50 square meters to 70 square meters, and the area of dehumidification is 80 l / D, the suitable area is 80 square meters - 100 square meters, and the dehumidification amount is 100.

The application area is 100 square meters to 150 square meters.

Note: for families and offices with relatively low relative humidity, a 20 liter / day to 30 liters / day dehumidifier is generally available, and can be used to remove rooms in turn.

Wet; for the valuable places with relatively high dehumidification requirements, the corresponding number of machines should be fixed.