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Which Is Good For The Dehumidifier
Feb 04, 2018

Zhejiang olun Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, the registered capital of $8 million, is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, is a professional engaged in air dehumidification, humidification and purification equipment and energy-saving product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the integrated enterprise. After nearly 6 years of development, with the continuous exploration, research and application of advanced technology, and has a team of professional and technical personnel, engineers, and sales and after-sales service personnel, a team of innovative spirit. The company is currently focused on air humidity treatment development and production of household dehumidifier, dehumidifier civilian, industrial dehumidifier, dehumidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, humidification machine, office humidifier, constant temperature and humidity machine, dryer, NMP plastic recycling equipment, product range, many kinds of goods. The company has a full production line, production equipment, testing equipment, with a production capacity of three hundred thousand units per year. Our products are widely used in the library, swimming pool, electronics, textile, printing, medicine, wood, paper, rubber, chemical industry, food industry, computer room workshop and warehouse, power substation, record room, biology, lithium batteries, military industry, nuclear power plant, civil air defense projects, laboratories and other industries, products throughout the country, and exported to overseas countries and regions, reflecting the Orem electrical, to the world "the purpose of the company. Rely on advanced engineering design concept, rich experience and mature technology and innovative workforce, our company according to the actual needs of customers, from the set of packaging design, production process of product development, debugging and technical training to customer service service. The company's product is novel, excellent in performance and reliable in quality. It has gained a lot of praise and has formed a good reputation both at home and abroad. "Oren" has always been the spirit of honesty, pragmatic, pioneering manufacturing quality management concept, realize the modernization of management, establish a perfect customer service service system, to provide innovation for consumers, attractive and convenient products and services, to improve production and living environment of people. As a result of professional excellence, Aaron Electric is willing to work with friends at home and abroad in pursuit of excellence on the journey to work together to create brilliant!
Zhejiang olun Electric Co. Ltd. in science and technology in household appliances dehumidifier main industry, household and industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier two-way development, mainly in the heating refrigeration dehumidifier: household dehumidifier appearance, quality, customer service and other aspects to perfection, and put an end to the dehumidification xubiao situation; industrial dehumidifier running smoothly, make snap, adopt international famous brand compressor, high efficiency, low power consumption, dehumidification efficiency significantly. On the basis of the ordinary household type dehumidifier, it has developed a unique frequency dehumidifier and the first intelligent dehumidifier in the industry. Based on common dehumidifier and dehumidification equipment industry also developed a series of special type: explosion-proof type runner dehumidifier, dehumidifier, wheel unit, ceiling pipeline type dehumidifiers, constant temperature and humidity type air conditioner, thermostat Dehumidifier and high / low temperature type dehumidifier and a variety of non-standard models.