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Why Dehumidifier Can Dehumidification
Feb 04, 2018

First of all you have to know where the water comes from. It's air. In fact, there's water in the air around us. We use "humidity value" to determine how much moisture in the air, when the humidity is too big, it is easy to bacterial overgrowth, something easy to mold, people will feel stuffy, easy to get sick.
How does the dehumidifier absorb the unpopular moisture in the air?
In simple terms, the dehumidifier has 2 sets of systems.
One set is used to circulate air, absorb moist air, discharge dry air, and use a set of refrigeration to remove water.
For example, the dehumidifier is a prison, the circulation system is the people's police, responsible for the prisoners into prison. The refrigeration system is the prison instructor and is responsible for reinventing you, and when your bad factor is eliminated, you can put it out.
The 2 system is the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is produced by a complex cycle of the compressor, the two unit and the refrigerant, resulting in a low temperature on something called evaporator. In the air after the cold water molecules in the evaporator, a chill, can only surrender into water into the tank. The rest of the air wanted to get out of prison, and to get into a thing called the condenser, steamed the sauna (heating), and finally to be released.
So after coming out, is a top ten youth no water, three straight.