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Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier In Your Life
Apr 15, 2018

Humid weather, air pollution, breeding diseases and inconvenient life seriously affect everyone's health and quality of life. What should I do? The dehumidifier can do it.

We all know

Humid air can easily cause and aggravate various diseases

1, staying in a damp house for a long time is easy to cause rheumatism and bronchitis. This is a kind of joint disease that is hard to cure.

2, houses in a humid environment for a long time, easy to produce mildew smell, people often breathe this smell, easily cause respiratory and pulmonary lesions.

3, wet environment has adverse effects on skin diseases, tuberculosis, kidney disease, rheumatic joints, chronic lumbago and leg pain.

The damp in the air to cause disease, affecting the life of the country?

The dehumidification function solves these problems and improves the quality of life and life.

1, in addition to water: when humidity is too large, it can quickly dehumidification and dry the floor, for example, after cleaning Huangmei's floor and floor water.

2, dry clothes: the clothes that take off the water after washing are concentrated in a room (such as toilet) to dry well, close the door and close the window, set the humidity as dry clothes. The drying time depends on the thickness, humidity, quantity and size of the room. The shirt is often dry in two hours, and the clothes are not damaged. The wardrobe, shoes cabinet, can open the door, close the window, will set the humidity drying file.

3, improve the quality of sleep: wet quilts and mattresses seriously affect the quality of our sleep, can be dehumidification to dry the quilt and mattresses through dehumidifier, the specific operation is to close the room closed window, the humidity is set to dry clothes under the circumstances, the humidity set as a comfortable file.

4, mildew proofing: set room humidity to less than 60%, which can effectively prevent moisture and dehumidification and prevent mouldy products.

5, relieve the pain: rheumatic pain is mainly caused by high humidity, large temperature difference and pressure change, the influence of high humidity is particularly obvious, the environment humidity is set as comfort file, although it can not treat rheumatism, but it can relieve pain and pain of rheumatic pain and patients. There is a similar situation in cardiovascular disease.