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Why Do You Use A Dehumidifier
Feb 25, 2018

1. Temperature and humidity and health:

About temperature and humidity, we will naturally think of the intense dreadful "Sanfu" and "cold 39". In fact, the temperature and humidity changes in different seasons, and is closely related to our health. The result shows that the healthy body temperature suitable for 18 DEG --25 DEG, health humidity was 40%-70%RH, under the environment of this body feels most comfortable. But in the temperature between 24 DEG -30 DEG, humidity is less than 60%, the body feels hot and stuffy; when the temperature is higher than 30 DEG C, the humidity is greater than 70%, the body feels hot; at the temperature above 36 DEG C, the humidity is greater than 80%, the body feels hot and serious, sweating mechanism blocked, due to accumulation of large quantities of waste heat and heat; work error rate is ten times higher than usual, injury accident rate rise.

Two, temperature and humidity and disease:

The traditional Chinese medicine to "wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire" called six gas. In fact, six gas air flow, air temperature, humidity reflect the size. When the six gas changes happened or in the human body resistance and adaptation ability decrease, six gas will become pathogenic factors. The spring wind disease, mid summer summer autumn more disease, rheumatism, late autumn dryness disease, winter cold disease. Many diseases are closely related to temperature and humidity, especially with low humidity. Modern medicine found that in 45%--55% relative humidity, average life expectancy of the shortest bacteria, high or low humidity will lead to bacteria live longer. When the air humidity is 35%RH, and the nasal mucosa cilia movement in the airways of the lung on the slow, dust, bacteria and other easily attached to the mucosa, stimulate the throat cause cough and other respiratory disease. When the air humidity is low, influenza virus and the Gram-positive bacteria that can cause infection will accelerate the speed of reproduction, and will easily spread and cause diseases. In addition, allergic dermatitis, asthma, itchy skin and other allergic diseases are also related to air drying.

Three, temperature and humidity and beauty:

The most important part of the skin is water, and about 70% of the skin and dermis of the adult are hydrated. The moderate moisture can keep the skin luster and color. In order to balance the moisture between the air and the skin, the humidity of the air is properly controlled. If it is dry for a long time, the skin will gradually lose its elasticity and luster because of water shortage, and accelerate the aging of the cuticle. In addition, hot and hot and cold drying can also lead to water imbalance in the body. Therefore, the change of temperature and humidity at any time and the corresponding protection measures are the important aspects of keeping the skin gloss.