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Why Should Compressed Air Be Dry?
May 06, 2018

Why should compressed air be dry?

In compressed air system, the system composed of equipment that produces, processes and stores compressed air is called the air source system. Compressed air is mainly obtained by compression of air through an air compressor. There are a lot of impurities in the air directly discharged from the air compressor in the air source system, which is composed mainly of water, oil and particulate matter. If the air is not processed directly, the impurities in the air will cause a great deal of the components in the system. The cost of equipment maintenance is increased and service life is shortened. At the same time, the water containing 100% relative humidity is compressed in the air. With the cooling of the pipe, the water will be precipitated. In the compressed air system, if there is water, it will bring many disadvantages to the user.

First, it is necessary to increase the cost of operation and maintenance, that is, the maintenance costs of instruments, solenoid valves, cylinders and other components will rise; the efficiency of the equipment is low and the production will be interrupted; the cost of the equipment investment in the whole production line is increased, and the equipment of condensation, separation, and sewage will be added in the system; the quality of the process is especially correct. In spray painting, sandblasting, pneumatic control systems, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, due to the high moisture content of compressed air will directly affect the quality of products. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to deal with the gas source. The air purification treatment equipment is mainly composed of the rear cooler, the precision filter (the gas water separator), the dryer (adsorption or freezing), the automatic drainage valve, etc., and make up a complete system according to the different process requirements.

The drying degree of compressed air is usually expressed by dew point temperature. Dew point is the temperature at which steam condenses and condenses from steam to liquid. Cang Mao series freeze dryer can meet users' requirements.

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