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Why Use Dehumidifier? What Is The Difference Between It And Air Conditioning Dehumidification?
Jul 14, 2017

Now almost every household has air conditioners, most air conditioners are equipped with independent dehumidification function, this function is easy to cause a misunderstanding of consumers, namely: "Since the air conditioner will be dehumidified, it no longer need dehumidifier." "Well here to tell you that would like to be wrong, air conditioning and can not replace the dehumidifier, the main reason for these:

1, the main function of the air conditioner is cooling and heating, with independent dehumidification function of the air conditioning can be dehumidified, but dehumidification, dehumidification slow.

2, air conditioning dehumidification blowing is cold, when the weather temperature is relatively low, it will be more wet and cool, giving the feeling is very uncomfortable.

3, the air conditioner is fixed, there is no way to move, only in the local small area dehumidification, for no air conditioning such as kitchen, bathroom and other places can not dehumidification

4, air conditioner dehumidification increased several times the load operation, not only power consumption, but also to damage the compressor, shorten the life of air conditioning.

So that air conditioning is not suitable for dehumidification, dehumidification also need a professional dehumidifier.

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