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Working Principle Of Small Humidifier
Jan 07, 2018

The humidifier is mainly divided into two types: household humidifier and industrial humidifier.
The ultrasonic humidifier adopts ultrasonic high frequency vibration 1.7MHZ frequency, atomizing water into 1-5 micron ultrafine particles, which can refresh the air, improve health and create comfortable environment.
According to experts, the advantages of ultrasonic humidifier, humidification humidification uniformity, high strength, high humidifying efficiency; energy saving, energy saving, power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 electrothermal humidifier; long service life, automatic moisture balance, anhydrous automatic protection; both medical atomization, cold bath, cleaning jewelry and other functions.
The direct steam humidifier is also often called a pure humidifier. Pure humidification technology is the new technology that has just been applied in humidification field. The pure humidifier can remove calcium and magnesium ions from water by molecular sieve evaporation technology, and solve the problem of white powder thoroughly.
The hot steam humidifier is also called an electric humidifier. The principle of the work is to heat the water in the heating body to 100 degrees, produce steam, and use the fan to send the steam out. Therefore, the electric heating humidifier is the simplest way of humidification. The shortcoming is that the energy consumption is large, and it can not be dried. The safety factor is low, and the heater is easy to scale. The market prospect is not optimistic. The electric heating humidifier is generally used with the central air conditioning, and it is generally not used alone.
More than three comparison of electric heating humidifier not "white" phenomenon, but in the use of low noise, large power consumption, easy scaling humidifier; pure type humidifier without the "white" phenomenon is not scaling, small power, with the air circulation system, which can filter the air and kill bacteria.
The ultrasonic humidifier has the functions of large and uniform humidification, small power consumption and long service life. It has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface and jewelry cleaning. Therefore, the ultrasonic humidifier and the pure humidifier are the preferred products.