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Zhejiang Oulun Electric Co.,Ltd Corporate Culture
Jan 07, 2018

Zhejiang olun Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, registered capital of 27 million yuan, is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, is a professional engaged in air dehumidification, humidification and purification equipment R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated enterprise. Now has a team of professional and technical personnel, engineers, marketing team, after-sales service personnel, a team of innovative spirit, the existing staff of 470. The company has a full set of production lines, equipped with advanced test equipment laboratory, automated production of injection molding workshop, the annual output of 1 million units, the annual output value of 460 million yuan. The company covers an area of 26 mu, and the factory building is 27000 square meters. In 2016, the company to subscribe for 80 acres of land, is expected to invest 150 million yuan, will be built into a modern office building, research building, advanced testing equipment, 10 fully automatic assembly line, built at home and abroad industry R & D center, 2018 is expected to be completed by the end, will reach an annual output of 3 million units of the scale.

Zhejiang ulen electric attaches great importance to the research and development of technology. In the last two years, it has gradually accelerated the pace of product research and development, enriched the product category and followed the market demand. There are 5 invention patents, 36 patents, and received many honorary titles: 2015, was awarded the contract Shou Credit units; in 2013 -2015, for three consecutive years of the dehumidifier industry domestic sales of the first; in 2014, was named the best selling brand; in 2015, was named the best dehumidifier brand in 2015;, was named the national high-tech enterprises; in 2015, 4 products were rated as provincial innovative products; in 2016, Hangzhou city was rated as high-tech enterprise R & D center.

Zhejiang electric development, the rapid expansion of the market, sales of 160 million yuan in 2016, up 88%. The sales volume of Aaron Electric is the top of the country. The online and offline sales channels are moving forward on the double track system. There are more than 20 brand stores and more than 30 sales offices under the line. Throughout the country, Aaron Electric has set up many classic projects: Three Gorges hydropower station, bird nest water cube, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou G20 summit hall, Hangzhou library, China Wetland Museum and other key projects.

Euren electrical products have been widely used in the library, swimming pool, electronics, textile, printing, medicine, wood, paper, rubber, chemical industry, food industry, computer room workshop and warehouse, power substation, lithium batteries, record room, biology, military, University Laboratory, and products throughout the country exported to overseas countries and regions, reflects the "Oren electric, based on China, development strategy to the world".

In 2017, Lun electric had a major breakthrough in brand building. For the first time, Europe well brand landed 7 sets of CCTV set up brand image, and continued to broadcast in CCTV for one year, gradually expanding the influence of European well brand. O well is the first brand of dehumidifier to land on CCTV, which highlights the development strategy of Europe well.

Main products: Europe well brand dehumidifier, humidifier, mobile air conditioner