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Portable Air Conditioner

With many years of rich wholesale experience, Oulun Electric has stand out among numerous portable air conditioner manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to place portable air conditioner orders with our factory.
Portable air conditioners adopt effective evaporative cooling technology, comfortable humidification effect and ergonomic design. Only need to add water to activate the cooling function, this is portable air conditioning.
Portable air conditioning can be said to be an upgraded version of portable fan, using fan + air conditioning double cooling mode. Can be better than the use of portable again on the basis of effective cooling fan 2 ~ 4 ℃. It is no longer a hot wind with hot air blowing in the face, but a cold wind with cool degree UP.
1. Easy to use:The air conditioning structure that we use at ordinary times is more complex, and the volume is bigger, need installs in fixed place, but the structure of portable air conditioning is very simple, when using, cut open air conditioning, take out sponge, asperse on cool water, its installation is ok again use.
2. Obvious effect:Portable air conditioning is the upgraded version of portable fan, which adopts the double cooling mode of fan and air conditioning. It can effectively cool down the temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius on the basis of portable fan. In the use of portable air conditioning, the surrounding air can be absorbed, so as to reduce the temperature, in the effective range of the environment, played a role in improving the temperature.
3. The biggest advantage of portable air conditioning is convenient to carry, small volume, light weight, even if you go out with it will not bring any burden, no matter where you go, you can always open the portable air conditioning, and then enjoy the cool feeling.
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